As a specialized dog trainer in Virginia, Jessica, of The Balanced Dog LLC, uses dog psychology to communicate with the dog. If the owner and other human pack members do not take on a leadership role, the dog will begrudgingly take on that role. In the dog’s mind, there MUST be a leader, and if that position is not filled, they will place themselves in that position for the good of the pack. Most dogs are not born to be leaders, and do a very poor job at it. 

Specifically Jessica promotes balance in the dog. Just like humans’ need for balance in their lives, all creatures need this as well.  The three ingredients for a balanced dog are (in this order), exercise, rules, and love. If you put these things out of order, you create imbalance, and often times a dog will start to show undesirable behavior. An unstable, unfulfilled dog can manifest itself in many different ways (chewing, barking, jumping, aggression, and anxiety, just to name a few).  

Jessica teaches dog owners how to take the leadership role, and create balance, both inside the home and out.

Only kind and humane techniques are used to help your dog achieve balance. Jessica is governed by the rules and code of conduct of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

There are times when people feel frustrated after attempting to use other dog training techniques. When other methods are not successful, and an owner feels there is no other option but to put the dog down, please contact Jessica and The Balanced Dog, LLC IMMEDIATELY.