Private In-home Consultation:

This takes place in the home, or wherever else the behavior is occurring (the park, the vet, etc).  We spend time speaking with the owners about the issues they are having as well as observing the dog in its own environment. We then work with the dog one-on-one to see what training methods will work best for that specific situation. We then train the owner, the most important part of the session. We give the owner as much information and guidance as possible to change the behavior. In this scenario, the owner is taught how to train their dog to behave properly. This is best for mild behavior issues and owners who are able to invest the time and energy needed to consistently apply the techniques they are shown.

The consultation lasts about two hours and we ask that everyone living in the home with the dog is present so that everyone can be on the same page. In-home visits are generally held on Sundays; exceptions can be made and other dates can be arranged for urgent situations.

Board and Train:

With our Board and Train option, your dog comes to live with Jessica and her dogs for a period of time. This allows the dog to live in a completely balanced environment, learning from the dogs in Jessica’s pack.  It gives Jessica the opportunity to spend more time with the dog in everyday situations which allows her to really get to know the dog and jumpstart the rehabilitation process. 

An average day for a board and train dog consists of structured walks with Jessica, time spent working on their specific issues (on location or out in public), time spent playing in the play yard either alone or with the main pack (depending on temperament), and periods of rest in comfortable, well-padded crates.

The board and train program is three (3) weeks for mild to moderate issues (jumping, excessive barking, general bad manners, etc…) and five (5) weeks for moderate to severe behaviors (aggression, fear, anxiety, etc…).

Once your board and train is scheduled, Jessica will come to your home and observe the dog in their own environment as well as the interactions between the humans and the dog. She will spend some time (30-60 minutes) discussing the issues, preliminary plans for training, and possible homework for the family while the dog is away at training. Jessica will then take your dog to her home and begin training. When the training is complete, a bring-home session will be scheduled. This bring-home session, averaging between 60-120 minutes long, is the most important part of the entire experience as the owners must change the way they interact with their dogs to maintain the new, improved behaviors. There are two free in-home lessons available at the owner’s discretion after the dog comes home because, again, the most important part of the overall process is that the dog behaves well at home with the owners.


Classes are taught through the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Department. Please contact them for details and registration. Current classes offered include Dog Behavior, Therapy Dog Prep Class, and Puppy Socials.


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