Jessica’s main focus for her clients is dog rehabilitation.  She specializes in dogs with behavioral issues.  Although she will quite often teach obedience commands, this is not her main focus.  Her approach focuses on the interactions between a dog and its human family.

During the consultations Jessica asks that the whole family be present if possible.  This ensures that everyone in the “pack” will be on the same page, and there will be consistent communication with the dog.  This is the only way to have successful rehabilitation.

The Balanced Dog, LLC offers several different services, including the following:

Home Consultation- This takes place in the home, or wherever else the behavior is occurring including the park, the vet, etc.  We spend time speaking with the owners about the issues they are having. We then work one-on-one with the dog for a period of time to see why the problem is occurring, and what works best for that dog in that specific situation. We then “train” the owner, and give them as much information and guidance as possible to change the behavior. In this scenario, the owner is taught how to train their dog to behave properly. This is best for mild behavior issues and owners who are able to invest the time and energy needed into consistently applying the techniques they are shown.

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Board and Train - With our Board and Train option, your dog goes to stay with Jessica and her pack for a period of time. This allows the dog to live in a completely balanced environment, learning from the dogs around him or her.  It gives Jessica the opportunity to spend more time with the dog in everyday situations, which allows her to really get to know the dog and jump-start the rehabilitation process. 

The time frame of Board and Train varies from dog to dog. Board and Train for simple cases of undesirable behaviors (bad leash manners, jumping, etc…) requires a minimum of three weeks. Board and Train for more complex behavior problems (fear aggression, resource guarding, etc…) requires a minimum of four weeks. Your Board and Train begins with an initial in-home consultation where Jessica meets your family and dog to assess the problem behaviors, determine the necessity, expectations, and length of time needed for your dog and family.  She will be taking your dog to her facility from this visit. 

At the end of your dog's Board and Train stay, Jessica brings the dog home and again spends time with the owners to ensure that the behaviors the dog has learned in her home will continue. At the drop off visit, an additional two follow up appointments will be scheduled for a few weeks apart to further ensure that your family has adjusted to the new training. These appointments will provide ample opportunity to ask questions and gain additional training for your family's specific needs!

All four of these visits are included in the cost of the Board & Train.

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Boarding - Jessica also offers general boarding services in her home for folks traveling out of town.  People know their dog will be trained, loved and properly cared for while they are away. Boarding services include daily hikes on our sprawling 23 acres of wooded property nestled in National Forest, snuggles, play time with doggy friends (if desired), and just chilling out, all while being comfortable in a calm, quiet and balanced environment, rather than a noisy, stressful kennel. Dogs are crated while resting and at night for their comfort and safety while sleeping.

Classes - Jessica has taught classes through Blue Ridge Community College, Staunton Parks and Recreation, Augusta County Parks and RecreationHarrisonburg Parks and Recreation, and Prism Learning Community. Current class offerings can be found by clicking HERE