The Balanced Dog, LLC offers affordable dog training and boarding to families like yours throughout Virginia! We are passionate about making sure both you and your dog come away from any experience with us happy!

Board and Train:  $475 per week, with a $300 deposit required at the initial appointment/pick up. Board and Train for simple cases of undesirable behaviors (bad leash manners, jumping, etc…) requires a minimum of three weeks and totals to $1,425. Board and Train for more complex behavior problems (fear aggression, resource guarding, etc…) requires a minimum of four weeks and totals to $1,900. Your Board and Train begins with an initial in-home consultation where Jessica meets your family and dog to assess the problem behaviors, determine the necessity, expectations, and length of time needed for your dog and family.  She will be taking your dog to her facility from this visit. If Jessica determines that the dog needs longer than the minimum time frame specified above, she will contact you as soon as possible so you can make an informed decision about your dog’s training.

Our Board and Train service can be a very effective option particularly for owners who find it difficult to make the extra time to work extensively with the dog on their behavior, if the owners lack the calm assertive energy needed to effect real change in the dog, if the dog has particularly challenging or potentially dangerous behaviors, or if this is the owner's first dog and they simply do not know where to begin. Jessica's years of providing both training visits as well as board and train services have revealed that in many cases, the dogs who stay for a board and train tend to have less regression to their old behaviors. More importantly, their owners find this type of training allows the time and space for a complete reset of the entire household, enabling everyone to move forward in a more balanced environment, further ensuring the long term effectiveness of the training. Training for balance is a family affair!

*While Jessica will make as accurate an assessment as possible, every dog is different, and once integrated with her pack, she may feel additional time is needed than initially discussed. In these cases, she will let you know immediately, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. 

In-home consultations:  $175 per appointment. These rates are for clients within 40 miles of Fulks Run, VA.  We are happy to travel further distances with a reasonable surcharge added to cover fuel and time.

Boarding:  $30 per day. Additional dogs are $20 per dog per day. We require that you provide enough daily food for your dog's stay. We will be happy to administer any medication at no extra charge. We will provide bedding and plenty of toys!

***Please email a copy of your dog/s Bordatella, Rabies, and Distemper vaccinations to us prior to your stay. For the health and safety of all of our canine guests, we cannot accept your dog for boarding without proof of vaccinations.

***If these prices would create a financial hardship for someone, please contact us.  We are committed to helping dogs in need and in specific circumstances we are able to work with folks on the price.