Meet Jack: When a New Puppy Has Issues – Harrisonburg Dog Trainer

Jack, a Saint Bernard mix adopted as a puppy from a shelter, after one week of training at The Balanced Dog, LLC.

Jack, a Saint Bernard mix adopted as a puppy from a shelter, after one week of training at The Balanced Dog, LLC.

A recent dog adopter contacted The Balanced Dog in search of a dog trainer in Harrisonburg, Virginia.   The woman had adopted an adorable 8 month old Saint Bernard mix, pictured above on the right, and named him Jack.  He is truly lucky to have met his new owner, for she rescued him on the day of his scheduled euthanasia.

The Balanced Dog loves hearing happy stories about shelter adoptions.  However, adoptions don’t always go as smoothly as one hopes.  It turns out Jack has a LOT of issues.  He is extremely high energy, and has a desire to do things HIS way all the time.  (Don’t we all?)

Jack is one of the lucky pups though, because not only did his beautiful, kind owner save him and welcome him into her home, she is also committed to getting Jack the proper dog behavioral training in order to ensure that he eases into a comfortable life with his new family.  Rather than wait for his issues to exacerbate, she contacted The Balanced Dog for immediate help with Jack’s issues.

The photo above was taken at the end of his first week of boot camp here at The Balanced Dog.  When he first arrived he was unable to be near small dogs, or any other animals for that matter, since he would act as if he wanted to eat them for dinner.  You can clearly see a big difference here!

He has also been getting to know the cats here at The Balanced Dog.  However the cats were unwilling to pose for a picture with him.  Cats and dogs speak different languages, and so I’m guessing the cats aren’t ready to trust the change they see in Jack.

It is sad that Jack has this many issues at such a young age.  It is clear that his previous owners got him as a cute puppy but were unwilling to put in the time and effort needed to get him well-socialized and teach him how to live happily with humans. He is so lucky to have found his new home in Harrisonburg and to have an owner so devoted to making sure he achieves success.  I’m not going to lie.  Jack is a tough case.  The Balanced Dog’s main goal is always to ensure that dogs are able to live happy, well-balanced, full lives with their owners.  I'll be updating you with the happy, but surprising outcome of Jack's adoption.  

If you are seeking a dog trainer specializing in behavior modification in Harrisonburg, Virginia or the surrounding areas, contact The Balanced Dog today!  Don’t wait for your dog’s issues to become unmanageable!  The Balanced Dog is also pleased to offer affordable consultations with families seeking a dog to adopt.  We will help ensure you find the right dog, with the right temperament, in order to help ensure a more successful transition into your home and family!